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All About Tanya

Tanya photographs most of our boudoir sessions (although Bill is available for those who are more comfortable with a male photographer).  One of the main questions women ask me is how I got into Boudoir photography.  My story is a little different than most boudoir photographers in that I actually started with pin-up style vintage photography over 20 years ago and boudoir photography was just a natural progression from that.  Over the years, I have tried my hand at almost every type of photography but nothing is more fun and exciting to me that helping women see how beautiful they truly are.

So, a little about me – I was born and raised in Edmonton, AB Canada and I got my start in photography in the form of a part-time job while I was in University.  Little did I know that shortly after graduation, I would scrap my plans for graduate school and continue working for that studio with dreams of owning my own studio someday (which I achieved a few years later).  I met my Texas-based husband at a photography convention in Las Vegas and after a short stint of long-distance dating, I decided to take a leap of faith – I packed my bags and moved from the frozen North to the sunny South.  That was 15 years ago and while I’m still trying to adapt to the summer heat, I wouldn’t change a thing – I love it here.

All About Us

Hi! We are Tanya & Bill, owners and main Image Artists at Bonjour Ma Belle Boudoir, the sexier side of our main company Albertex Photography.   We met at a photography convention in Las Vegas many years ago and when we were both doing vintage photography at the time so we quickly became kindred spirits.  We have been photographing women for over 25 years and we love making women look and feel beautiful.  There is little more gratifying that having fun with our clients and then seeing how excited they are once they view their images.

Bill's Tintype

All About Bill
Bill has always loved everything vintage so it is only natural that he phtoographs many of our Pinup sessions.  Bill (Cr. Photog.) is one of those people who has always known he wanted to be a photographer.  Growing up with a dad in the printing industry, Bill often had access to various cameras.  He eventually acquired his own SLR camera at the age of 12 and photographed his first wedding while still in high school.  Bill completed his BA in Photography from Sam Houston State University and went to work for a company operation Old Time Portrait studios across the country.  Thus his love for vintage photography was born.  He has long since moved on from that first job but his interest in anything vintage has continued to grow over the years.