Why Ma Belle Boudoir?
Ma Belle Boudoir started with my love of vintage style photography and especially 1940s style glamour and pin-up imagery.  Back then, women were admired for their individual, unique beauty and their curves were celebrated!  Why shouldn’t women enjoy that same confidence to be comfortable in their own skin now?  As I were building up my collection of pin-up outfits we were also shooting weddings and I had more and more brides asking for beautiful yet natural images in their wedding lingerie and veil.  This became the perfect compliment to the vintage glamour I was already doing, thus Ma Belle Boudoir was born.

I see boudoir as more than just some pretty, sexy images.  Boudoir is your chance to create some beautiful art – of yourself!  I want to make sure you leave your session feeling as confident and beautiful as I see you, and that feeling will resonate through every other area of your life.

Who will be at my session?
I will be there (of course!) and if you are having hair & makeup done so will my stylist (all of our current stylists are female).  Depending on the package you have booked, I will sometimes have a female assistant or stylist on the set as well.  If you are more comfortable working with a male photographer or assistant just let me know!  My husband, Bill, is also a very accomplished photographer and we work together in most other areas of our business.

I’ve never done anything like this and I’m a little nervous – will you help me feel more comfortable?
Who wouldn’t be a bit nervous!  That is part of the anticipation and excitement of preparing for your session, so embrace it.  I have been photographing women for over 25 years and if there is one thing I have learned, it is that we have to connect on a personal level to have the best results.  We will spend some time just talking about life and getting to know each other while you get ready, then by the time you are in front of the camera I will know exactly how best to guide you every step of the way.  We are in this together!

How far in advance do I need to book my session?
Your images will be ready for viewing 2-3 weeks after your session, then it can take 2-8 weeks for your products to be delivered. If you need it sooner please let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

Who will see my images?  Will you put them your website?
We do all of our image processing internally so the only people who will see your images are me and my assistant.  We have a detailed model release that every client signs and you can choose varying degrees of permission to display your images (ie, no usage, limited usage or full usage) and we stick to that unconditionally.

Where is your studio?
I work from our residential gallery in Mansfield TX – makeup & hair are done on the first level then we move up to the second level where the studio is.  My style is very light and clean so the Boudoir set is by far the most popular but I also have a traditional studio set with a variety of backgrounds, props and accessories available to you.  If the second floor will not work for you please let me know ahead of time and I can set up what I need on the first floor  I am also happy to send you a list of boutique hotels you can book if you prefer a hotel setting.

How long will my session take?
I schedule 1 hour for each beauty service (so 2 hours if you are doing both hair & makeup) then your session will take roughly the amount of time listed with your package.

Ok, I’m sold!  How do I book my session?
Drop me an email or give me a call at 817.453.1498 and we will pick a few days that work for both of us.  Then I just need to confirm a stylist and we are set to go!

What should I bring?  Where do I shop?
Once we have booked your session I will send you a comprehensive list of Do’s and Don’ts as well as what to bring and a long list of places to shop.